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About Me

Karol-1PINIMAGEHi there! I’m Karol, yes with a K, a little different, I know! I am originally from Poland, so now you know why. I also have an accent, but don’t worry, I can speak English and can communicate with no problem. Some people actually find it endearing.

I am a wedding photographer in Milford, Connecticut since 2008. I have been living in Southern Connecticut for the past ten years. My background is in professional photography. I attended State College for Cultural Animators and Librarians in Krosno, Poland, where I was born. I graduated with a degree in professional photography.

I discovered my passion for photography years ago, roaming the picturesque streets of my hometown, and trying to capture the uniqueness and energy of many places. When it comes to photographing people, it is all about the perfect unrehearsed moments that reveal the essence of the subject. I love how photography allows one to become an editor of time.

So who am I as a private person?

My wife thinks I am incredibly funny, meticulous and detail oriented. I love traveling, skiing, and mountain biking. I like to laugh and spend time with my friends and family. I am actually a homebody, but I am always on the go and my schedule is just crazy. So when I have some time for myself, I enjoy a good movie and wine with my wife Alicja, with whom I am happily married to. I love to cook, but I think I make too much of a mess. I love dogs, and hope to own one some day, but I am afraid that currently I will not have enough time for one.

Photography is not just a job for me. I try to be helpful and understand your wants and needs. During the wedding I will fix/do your tie, help with the wedding dress, and make you laugh during the occasionally stressful moments. I absolutely love engagement sessions, because I am able to meet new couples, hear their stories, and capture their personalities through photographs.

I look forward to the opportunity to create something picturesque for you and your family so you can cherish these memories for years to come! Contact Karol Setlak Photography today! Also, feel free to find me on Facebook and Google +

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